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   Dmitri Rozhin,

   Pravovaya Osnova


   Dear Mr Rozhin

   I  am  delighted to inform you that Front Line has approved a grant of
   .......  EUR. This amount may vary depending on currency fluctuations.
   This  grant  is  to  pay  for  legal  fees: ........  Euro and family
   assistance and transport: ....... Euro.

   This  grant  is  given on condition that you have not already received
   funding  for this same grant from another funding organisation. Please
   confirm  when  you  have  received  this  grant.  We  look  forward to
   receiving  a  financial  and  narrative  report  on  use  of the grant
   including  all  receipts  two  months  from today. Front Line will not
   award  a  further  grant  to those who have not reported on a previous

   Please  let  me  know  the best way for you to receive the money - see
   below for information that we require you to send.

   Do you give consent to Front Line to publish information on this grant
   YES____ NO_____

   Please  sign  below to confirm that you accept the terms of this grant
   and return one copy of this letter to our office.

   We wish you every success in your future work in human rights.

   With best wishes,

   Natacha O' Brien

   Grants Coordinator

   Please sign below to confirm acceptance of the terms of this grant:

   Signature Date

                            For a bank transfer:

   Account Name:
   Account Address:
   Account Number:
   Bank Name and Address:
   Swift  Code / BIC: (this is an eight or eleven digit alphanumeric code
   and is essential for all foreign transfers).
   Intermediary bank details if applicable.
   In emergency cases ONLY or where we CANNOT send by bank we can send by
   Western Union (WU)
   For WU the full name of the person who is collecting the money and the

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