" (8269/02)"

The Government's comments on just satisfaction






                         of the Russian Federation

                   at the European Court of Human Rights


   de la Federation de Russie auprus de

   la Cour Europnne des Droits de I'Homme

   Mr.  Srcn  NIELSN  First  Section Registrar, European Court of Human


   Application no. 8269/02 SUTYAZHNIK v. Russia

   Dear Sir,

   The  Russian  Federation  authorities  acknowledge the receipt of your
   letter of 16 May 2006 on above application. As regards the applicant's
   claims for just satisfaction the Russian Federation authorities advise
   the court of the following.

   Independently  from the results of procedure of friendly settlement on
   above  application  the  Russian  Federation authorities would like to
   note  that  the  sum  of 3000 Euro claimed by the applicant-company is
   ill-founded and anyway excessive.

   The  actions of the High Arbitration (Commercial) Court of the Russian
   Federation   strictly  complied  with  the  national  legislation  and
   provisions  of  the Convention. Further arguments in this respect will
   be forwarded to the European Court on 14 June 2006.

   The  applicant's  speculations about "the risk of being dissolved" are
   completely  unsubstantiated.  First  of all its status of legal entity
   has   never   been   abolished   and  "Sutyazhnik"  has  the  relevant
   registration  number  in  the  Unified  State  Registry  List of Legal

   Moreover the legal practice of the Constitutional Court of the Russian
   Federation  (Decision  of  the  Constitutional  Court  of  the Russian
   Federation  of  7  February  2002  No. 7-0) (copy is enclosed) clearly
   shows  that  in similar situations according to the Russian Federation
   Constitution  formal ground like the absence of the re-registration in
   no  way can be the only one for the purposes of compulsory liquidation
   of  legal entities. The existence of substantial grounds (e.g. holding
   of activity incompatible with the provisions of the Russian Federation
   Constitution,  etc) is completely necessary. For the above reasons the
   applicant's fears are completely groundless.

   The  Russian Federation authorities notes that the applicant submitted
   no claims in respect of any pecuniary damage or costs and expenses.

   On  the  above  stated  the Russian Federation authorities submit that
   possible  finding  a  violation  anyway  would  be the sufficient just
   satisfaction in the present case.

   Yours faithfully,

   Pavel Laptev

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